TikTok Mastery for Business.

When You Join TikTok Mastery for Business, You Get Full & Immediate Access To: Module 1 Introduction to CourseLesson 1: Before we startLesson 2: TikTok IntroductionLesson 3: What is TikTok and Why is it so Important?Lesson 4: How did TikTok grow so quickly?Lesson 5: TikTok StrategyLesson 6: AI-based platforms Growing pains Module 2 Getting started... Continue Reading →

The Roles of Marketing

The Roles of Marketing Marketing plays great roles in the world of exchanging products and services between two parties that are involved. These parties are seller and buyer. Among the roles that marketing play is profit, value delivery, benefits to society and career opportunity. Marketing Enables Profitable Transactions to Occur. Marketing helps to facilitate exchange between buyers and sellers for mutual benefit to both parties. While buyer benefits from the product or service offered by a seller, the later enjoy what (let say money) the buyer has brought into his business. money received is part of the profit which ultimately is used for reinvesting in the business.

Factors influencing people to become Entrepreneurs.

Factors influencing people to become Entrepreneurs. There are many factors leading a person to become an entrepreneur combined into "internal and external factors (pull and push)" playing a dominants role. One view that some people are pulled into self-employment by the promise of independence, flexibility and the allure of success. While others are pulled into self-employment by retrenchments, lack of job opportunities, family reasons and barriers in the labor market.

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